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Your life matters

Your Life Matters mental health awareness

Your Life Matters mental health awareness

We at Your life matters are extremely excited to be teaming up with BW CrossFit to promote wellbeing and the importance of exercise and community socialising in our lives. In 1 day alone the members at the gym bought 47 your life matters t-shirts to share their support and help spread awareness of mental health in the area.
Will Clifford of your life matters said:

“I am extremely proud to not only be a trustee for your life matters but for my box BW CrossFit to be so supportive of what we are doing in the community”


💭 Who are we?

A group of men that are passionate about making a difference in our community, raising awareness around mental health and supporting people to live their best lives whilst lowering the Suicide rate in our local area and North East Lincolnshire.

💭 What do we do?

We aim to raise awareness around mental health and share educational content to give individuals and families the tools they need to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. #liveyourbestlife

💭 How will we do this?

– Daily and weekly social media posts to share knowledge, educational content and experiences to raise awareness of how to improve and maintain a healthy mind and body.

– Charity events to raise money enabling us to put on educational events, support individuals and ultimately have our own paid mental health support workers. (Currently we are all volunteers trying to make a difference)

– Directly referring individuals who contact us that are struggling to the appropriate local agencies so they can get the support they need promptly. We will even take them ourselves if it means they get the support they need. (We are not therapists just good guys trying to make a difference)

– Support local and national mental health campaigns

– create environments where people feel safe to talk, take positive action and live their best lives!

And so much more that we can’t wait to share with you in the near future. Finally from all the trustees and volunteers at Your Life Matters, if you want to support us then like our Facebook page:

Or come support the event and most importantly if you are struggling then contact us and take the first steps to living your best life!


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