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Womens Weightlifting Classes

womens weightlifting classes

Womens Weightlifting Classes

Womens Weightlifting Tuesday 12pm

Weightlifting can be daunting and overwhelming, but especially so for women who were told for too long that it was just for men. Weightlifting is a fundamental part of CrossFit, but outside of that, it has many physical and mental benefits (including having tangible benefits when going through menopause).

We want to make weightlifting accessible to everyone, and we can meet you at your level, whether you’re picking up a barbell for the first time or an experienced lifter looking to improve. If you’re still not sold or have any worries about joining the class, drop us a message! This class is open to non-members, so you don’t need to join the gym to come along.

Commencing 5th December 🙌 members book on through the app, non-members drop the contact us page a message if you wish to attend! Looking forward to seeing you on the gym floor 💪🏼

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