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What happens when you get into CrossFit

What happens when you get into CrossFit

This Is Exactly What Happens When You Start Doing CrossFit, from hand-release push-ups to a Muscle Up

You start to get sick of your regular gym routine. You are getting nowhere fast. Literally ran miles on the treadmill and staying in the same boring spot for hours.

One of your close friends suggests you try CrossFit. They have been trying to talk you into it for months, but you stop listening every time they start using those weird made-up words. (WOD? Wad of what?)

Eventually said friend becomes so insufferable, and you go to a free intro fundamentals taster class. Just to shut them up.

You walk into the local CrossFit Gym and you are like, “Wait, what WTF!, NO WAY!.” Are they having muscle spasms or something? But then after you have looked around you say to yourself, “Hmm… I guess I might as well stay, now I’m here.” …and everybody seems so… friendly……Yes. I’m staying for now even if it’s just to get a bit fitter..

First off you feel like you are getting your arse kicked, you are never going to get it and you’re sort of mad about it too. You really didn’t expect that it was going to be this hard. How dare they make this so difficult!

You weirdly find yourself motivated by the humiliation and you sign up for the next class. Don’t worry, though, you’ll never become “one of those” CrossFit people.

After a couple of weeks of fundamentals/movements, you’re feeling pretty smug with yourself. You’ve even learned some of the lingo!

Your first real workout of the day or now WOD, brings you back to reality. You would probably still be sitting there if the coach hadn’t finally helped you out (and picked you up), actually. You carry on going though because everyone is super nice and helpful (and pretty inspiring too).

The palms of your hands start to rip from doing pull-ups on the rig.

The realisation sets in when your beginning to start to feel like one of them. (But not one of them in an ANNOYING way. You’ll never be ONE OF THEM!) Your Facebook and Insta will stay CrossFit-free, thankyouverymuch.

After going to classes every week, months later you do your very first RX WOD. You feel really proud and pleased about it. And, even though you said that you would NEVER ever do this, you post about it. Because: #NEWPB #RX #WOD #STRONG – HASHTAG ALL THE CROSSFIT AND #FITNESS #HASHTAGS #KILLINIT

So now you are officially drinking all the Noco and there is no turning back.

In an attempt to PB your overhead squat, you try squatting too low. Two days later, you realise overhead squats are HARD. You settle for much lower weights.

You have a bad WOD one morning, and you can’t think about anything else all day at work. Must do more CrossFit! #OnlywaytoImprove

You now often leave parties early because, you know, you need to get up for that 6 am Class. No way are you missing a Clean day.

Those stupid CrossFit t-shirts that you used to turn your nose up to are all of a sudden very funny.

Your other friends just roll their eyes at you now but it’s only because they’re jealous and don’t understand Jerks and Snatches.

At first, you record all of your PBs and benchmark WOD times in a notebook.

But not long after, you are downloading a WOD-tracking app. Because a notebook cannot Analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

A friend of yours takes you to a boot camp class that they think you’ll like but somehow annoys you.

You feel compelled to buy special CrossFit trainers. Preferably Nike Metcons. Only a fool CrossFits in running shoes. (You end up buying the latest metcons)

Then you are like, “Hey, while I’m at it I should definitely buy my own £30 jump rope. #Unbrokendoubleunders

Also, I definitely now need those new grips everyone’s trying out. All those pull-up reps are starting to get to you. And what about wrist straps? #KippingPullUps

And a weight belt. Yes, they are available in all sorts of makes and colours too.

But you do not care because you NEED it all. It is all very necessary.

You go on holiday, and you get up early and do your own WOD before breakfast because the thought of not WODing for a week starts to give you a feeling of withdrawal. Thank GOD you bought that jump rope with you. #TravelWOD

You try and convince everyone else there on holiday to join in, but no one does.

You fly home from holiday a day earlier than everyone else. You know, because it’s the Open.

The CrossFit Open is a series of five workouts that are star……… Do you know what, forget it, never mind. If you have not heard about the CrossFit Open, you are dead to me! #competitiveexercise

The Open really humbles you and brings you crashing back down to earth. How come these humans are this good at CrossFit? Hey, I wonder where that guy got those shorts.

You also realise that the only thing more fun than doing CrossFit is watching other people doing CrossFit.

Your now ‘non-CrossFit friends try to intervene and tell you that you are not allowed to talk about CrossFit on nights out anymore.

You are not worried about that, though. They will all come around to your way of thinking soon enough. #CrossFit

When you go out with people from ‘the box’, the reverse Fight Club rule applies. The first rule about CrossFit is: you do not talk about anything else BUT CrossFit. #fitfam

You are now OFFICIALLY THAT PERSON. Who cares, though right? Can you do a Muscle-up?

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