Victory Tactical 3 Finger Grips – Womens

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Victory Tactical 3 Finger Grips – Womens

The Victory Tactical 3 Finger Grips Women’s line of grips are the most advanced grips to date. They are composed of a high-performance rubber polymer that grips into powder-coated bars extremely well. On the hand side is Kevlar, the Kevlar is going to provide the highest abrasion resistance possible, enhanced durability and also moisture absorption. These are incredibly durable and incredibly grippy. They are composed of an added risk guard that is going to cradle the thumb to be able to have maximum comfort and stability with your grips.

Victory Tactical 3 Finger Grips - Womens

3-Full Coverage Grips:

• It protects like a 4-Finger but feels like a 3-Finger
• Full protection where you need it while leaving a little skin on the bar so you feel connected
• Specifically designed to be worn on the index, middle and ring fingers
• Prevents grip twisting during movements

Tactical Grips:

• Kevlar for abrasion resistance and moisture-wicking
• No slipping (even on powder-coated bars)
• 1.3mm Thin grips
• No stretching
• False grip protection
• Thumb guard for comfort and protection
• Chalk optional

Size Guide

Measure your hand from the tip of your middle finger to the crease just below your palm. When in doubt between two sizes always order the next size up.


Centimetres Size
16 – 16.5 Women’s Medium
16.75 – 17.50 Women’s Large

*Women with a hand measurement over 17.5cm choose a Men’s Medium.

Style: Tactical 3-Finger Grips

Colour: Grey Synthetic

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