Panda X4 Gymnastic Grips Fingerless





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Panda X4 Gymnastic Grips Fingerless

Panda X4 Gymnastic Grips Fingerless – Original Panda X Material at 2mm single layer microfibre. Panda X material is stiffer than BumbleBee and offers robust properties as it does not stretch, flex or compress.

X4 Design with straight cut shape, aggressive zero angle contour. X4 is made wider than X3 for athletes who prefer more coverage

Panda X4 Gymnastic Grips Fingerless


  • Feedback driven design
  • Orignal Panda™ X Material
  • Performance X4 Wide Design
  • RX Hook & Loop, Square Ring
  • Fingerless for Faster Transitions
  • Designed in the UK by Reyllen
  • Design registered UK & EU

Panda X4 Gymnastic Grips Fingerless

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Size Guide


Reyllen are now offering fewer options for fingerless grips since they are universal fit.

Size L = S/M

Size XL = L/XL

Measure your hand from the top of your wrist to the base of your middle finger.

Dowel Effect

All of our grips with finger holes are designed to have either a smaller or larger dowel based on your preferences. The size guide below ensures you will have enough length to create a dowel (fold at the top of your grips).


Grip Size
8cm – 10cmMedium
10cm – 11cmLarge

Style: Tactical 3-Finger Grips

Colour: Grey Synthetic



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