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Need some encouragement? Millie will inspire you!

ABOUT Millie

I’ve been competing in various sports from the age of 3, whether that be dancing, Equestrian, gymnastics and athletics. So fitness has and always will be a massive part of who I am.

Everyone who knows me will know I have a very competitive streak in me so wanting to succeed is always at the forefront of my mind.

I was introduced to CrossFit 5 years ago but always saw it as a “cult” which I didn’t want to be apart of. 2 years in I LOVE THAT CULT and I am a fully fledged “CrossFit Wanker”. Now coach! (Pinch me moment).

People who call CrossFit a Cult don’t see….

The community: we have THE BEST community around and support each other to succeed in anything we want to achieve.

The hours & dedication: We dedicate 1-2 hours daily to benefit not only our health but our self-esteem while getting fitter at the same time.

The friendships: I have met the most amazing people along the way who are now life long friends!

We’re a unity.

I’ve been competing now for 2 years at various competitions around the UK which is super exciting and so much fun. It also lets the competitive side come out to play. Give me a barbell and a skipping rope and I am in my element!


Millie's Best Crossfit Movements

⁠Double Unders
Clean & Jerk
Handstand Walks
Box Jump Overs
Rapid! 100%

Favourite Quotes

"I was asked by Steve if I would consider coaching which was super exciting. Not only is this my hobbie, I can now share my love for CrossFit with others in the gym. What more could you ask for??"

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what you need to know about Crossfit

CrossFit is a lifestyle choice.The training with good nutrition helps to promote positivity, whilst improving your health. The Crossfit program works for people with any ability, from those who are just starting out to those that have trained for a long time.

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